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Phil wakes up each morning to his mobile phone’s alarm clock. He checks the news before he even rolls out of bed, then plays a few rounds of Match the Shapes over his morning coffee.

By the time Phil has driven to the office with his favorite morning show for company, checked his work email and done an hour of research on his latest project, he has seen or heard dozens – or even hundreds – of ads. Ads pop up in the middle of news articles and interrupt mobile games. They run before every video he watches online, between the songs he streams at his desk, inside the weekly email digests he can’t remember subscribing to.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Someone you compete with is running digital ads that reach hundreds of your potential clients each week. If the gold standard is top-of-mind awareness, then the golden bullet is pervasive, recognizable, engaging digital marketing.

What that means for your business is as unique as the fingerprint that unlocks your phone. Waterdrop Digital takes a case-by-case approach to digital marketing plans, which means we are here to maximize your exposure and effectiveness – and take back your top-of-mind advantage.

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