Target Your Ideal Audience

Traditionally, businesses have broadcast their advertising via mass media – by television, radio, newspaper, direct mail, billboard or blimp.

Broadcasting works because if you send your message to enough people, it is sure to reach someone who needs your product or service.

The internet and the data age opened new doors for advertisers.

Instead of broadcasting your dog food sale to a hundred thousand people, only 44,000 of whom have dogs, you can reach out directly to those potential consumers who already own pets. You can even narrow it down to specific breeds!

Or you can serve your wedding venue ads to newly-engaged women (or men!) and those who express interest in wedding planning.

Target parents who make between $75,000 and $100,000 with information about your new daycare center or music lessons.

Almost any way of grouping people together, by age, gender, income, interests, location, behavior, education level, or any combination of these you can imagine, is possible with digital marketing. 

Often this ability to target ads makes digital a preferred way to advertise.

Targeted ads are more relevant to users, and so less annoying and less likely to damage your brand image. These ads are more efficient because you only pay to reach real prospective customers. Plus, you are likely to see a higher return on investment because you can tailor the message and call to action based on the intended audience.

The important thing to remember is that while the media of delivery may have changed, the principles of marketing remain – digital advertising just allows us to apply them more effectively. 

That’s why Waterdrop’s team of marketing experts – with dozens and dozens of years of combined experience – is uniquely qualified to walk your business into data-driven advertising.

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