Amaturo Sonoma Media Group Privacy Policy

Policy Effective May 19 2021

We take your personal privacy seriously.  The following Privacy Policy is for Amaturo Sonoma Media Group, LLC in Santa Rosa, CA (herein, ASMG) and covers the broadcasting properties KSRO, KFGY Froggy 92.9, KVRV 97.7 The River, KHTH HOT 101.7 and KHTH-HD 2 K-Hits 107.9 and the print property North Bay biz Magazine.  Additionally this policy covers all Sonoma Media Group and Waterdrop Digital company digital assets. Assets related to those properties include websites, social pages, email messaging, text messaging, streaming web players, mobile apps and anything else with an approved link to this Privacy Policy.   Herein, these services will be referred to collectively as ASMG Assets, our Assets or Assets.

By viewing and utilizing our Assets, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy.  If you do not agree to those terms, we ask that you do not use or interact with our Assets in any way.


  • What Data Do We Gather?

Data You Voluntarily Disclose:  ASMG collects and stores information you voluntarily provide to us through web forms and sign up forms on our Assets.  This typically includes (but is not limited to) your email address, telephone number, name and your birthday. However on social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube this may also include your username, profile picture and contact information.

Automated Data Collection:  When you interact or use our Assets, certain non-personal information such as your browser type, device type, operating system, IP Address and more may be collected.  We also collect session data on your interaction with our Assets, including date and time you visited, time spent with the Asset, email open information, which features of the Asset you use the most and more.  This data is collected using industry standard pixels, cookies, server logs and other related technologies.


  •  How Does ASMG Use The Data?

We use data collected in a variety of ways on our Assets including:

  1. To contact you in case of needed follow-up information for a contest or programming content.
  2. Displaying personalized offers, personalized advertising, custom content and individualized communications via email, text, mobile push notifications and web push notifications.
  3. To analyze your use of our Assets to improve and streamline them, giving you the best possible experience and content.
  4. Responding to your questions regarding our Assets and broadcasting properties.


  •  Does ASMG Share Data?

This Privacy Policy outlines how your data will be used.  Beyond this policy, we will not disclose, sell or rent data you provide us to third parties.  We share data provided in the following instances:

  1. Matters of The Law and Safety:  While it is a rare occurrence, in the event your data is requested by a court subpoena, law enforcement investigation or government request or any other matter related to public safety, we will provide such information as permitted or required by law.  We may also provide data in the event that your actions with our Assets have violated our Terms of Service and have threatened the security of our Assets.
  2. Within ASMG:  We may utilize your data given to one Asset within the ASMG platform for other Assets, broadcast properties and print properties within the entire ASMG platform.
  3. Services and Support:  We may provide your data to technical, professional and business support services that enable us to operate ASMG and our Assets.
  4. Retention In Wake of Sale or Transfer:  In the event that ASMG sells or transfers it’s business to another entity, all data collected on our Assets will be transferred to the new purchasing organization.  This also includes any reorganization of ASMG, and any possibly bankruptcy proceedings.
  5. In Addition:  There may be specific instances of data usage not covered in this policy, that if utilized, will be outlined at the time of collection.


  • What About Cookies?

Cookies are small files that placed and stored on a user’s device, including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.  ASMG uses cookies and cookies from third parties to provide relevant offers and advertising to you. If you should so choose, your operating system or browser has options to disable cookies.  This may impact certain features of our Assets.


  •  Do Californians Have Special Privacy Rights?

As of January 1 2020, all California residents may request that companies participating in data collection provide the data which has been requested to that resident.  This is called the California Consumer Privacy Act. You may request this information from ASMG by calling 707-543-0138 or submitting an email on this webpage:  If we are able to confirm your identity, you may also request that the data ASMG has be deleted.  Alternatively, you may submit your request (including your contact information) to:

Amaturo Sonoma Media Group

℅ Digital Assets

1410 Neotomas Ave. Suite 200

Santa Rosa, CA 95405

We strive to fulfill all requests, but we will not respond to requests that have incomplete information.  Please provide your name, address, phone number, email and detail what your inquiry is.

Additionally under the CCPA, users under 18 may request that information and data they have contributed to our Assets be removed.  Either the user (or their parent/guardian) can make this request using the previously listed contact methods. ASMG will execute such requests on it’s Assets, but it does not ensure it’s complete removal from the Internet, as the other users or services may have republished it prior to your request.


  • What If I Live in The European Economic Area and Switzerland?

ASMG is based in Northern California in the United States.  If you are a user of our Assets from the EEA/Switzerland, we honor your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  We process and store data as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, data collected from you in your location may be stored in the United States, or any country our partners maintain servers in.  See Section H for a list of our partners. If you would like to submit a request regarding your personal data, please provide your name, email address, phone number, detail your inquiry and send to one of the following:

Mail:Amaturo Sonoma Media Group

℅ Digital Assets

1410 Neotomas Ave. Suite 200

Santa Rosa, CA 95405

United States of America




Phone Call: 1-707-543-0138


      • What About Job Opportunities and Recruitment Communications?

    We may offer or advertise job openings, recruitment options or career advancement opportunities on our Assets, either directly from ASMG or in conjunction with a third party. These postings are notifications only, and are not promises or guarantees of employment. As part of the process of fielding applicants, we may collect information from you for the purposes of contacting you, either with specific job information or general employment information. Information collected may be (but is not limited to) your full name, street address, email address and phone number. This data will be processed in accordance with the data handling guidelines outlined previously in this policy. The data collected will result in job alert emails from ASMG. We will share your email address and job-related preferences with the third-party vendor that we use to send you job alert emails. If you would like to stop receiving communications from ASMG regarding employment opportunities, you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking unsubscribe in the email footer of the job alert email. You may also contact:

  • Mail:Amaturo Sonoma Media Group℅ Digital Assets1410 Neotomas Ave. Suite 200Santa Rosa, CA 95405Email: Call: 1-707-543-0138


        • What Are My Options?

    Users may learn about ad technologies, cookies and use of data collection on their device by visiting:

    Users may see a small, blue, arrow-shaped icon in the upper right hand corner of an advertisement, like this : 

    Click this arrow to learn more about that advertisement.  Additionally, visit

    ASMG sends email communications to our listeners and users with information about contests, programming and local events.  If you wish to stop receiving these communications, click UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the message and you will automatically be removed.  Alternatively, we can remove you manually, if you submit a request to:  


    Phone Call: 1-707-543-0138


    ASMG sends text message communications to our listeners and users with information about contests, programming and local events.  If you wish to stop receiving these communications, reply STOP to the number you received the message from and you will automatically be removed.  ASMG uses the shortcodes 51879, 59457, 68255, 68683, and 77000. If you are subscribed to text clubs on multiple shortcodes, you need to reply STOP to each one.  Alternatively, we can remove you manually, if you submit a request to:  


    Phone Call: 1-707-543-0138


    Google offers a Google Analytic opt-out browser add-on if you prefer to not participate.  You can find that add-on by clicking right here.


        • Who Are Your Partners?

    ASMG partners with industry standard and industry leading companies to provide relevant programming and services to our listeners and users.  In addition to this Privacy Policy, our partners maintain their own Policies which you can find below.

    [table width =”100%” style =”” responsive =”false”]
    [th_column]Partner Name[/th_column]
    [th_column]Policy Link[/th_column]
    [row_column]Intertech Media[/row_column]
    [row_column]Google Analytics[/row_column]
    [row_column]Google Ad Manager[/row_column]

    We hope this Privacy Policy has provided some transparency to you for Amaturo Sonoma Media Group.  As previously stated above, if you have any questions or requests regarding data and privacy, please contact:

    Mail:Amaturo Sonoma Media Group

    ℅ Digital Assets

    1410 Neotomas Ave. Suite 200

    Santa Rosa, CA 95405

    United States of America


    Phone Call: 1-707-543-0138

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