Wherever They Are – Mobile Advertising

Here’s a pop quiz for you: where can you NOT reach clients with digital advertising?

We wish that were a trick question, but there are probably a few places in the known universe where people don’t browse the internet, share memes and shop online. Maybe Antarctica, or the middle of the Amazon?

One thing we do know is that your potential customers and clients are reachable just about anywhere, thanks in large part to mobile smart phones that can log on to the internet with nothing more than a finger swipe and a satellite connection.

Digital advertising on mobile devices is different from what we usually think of as “online advertising” in several key ways.

First, most ads are viewed on mobile phones during leisure time. Your phone, your calendar, your mobile CRM app – these often won’t have ads as part of the experience. Social media, games and internet TV apps, on the other hand, do. Mobile advertisements reach people when they aren’t (as) busy – when they are relaxing, curious or even a touch bored.

Another difference is that mobile devices are incredibly trackable. We can target those who have used their phone at your competitor’s location; we can serve to mobile devices based on the self-reported interests of social media users; we can target specific markets based on app usage.

Every mobile device has a mobile ID that tracks where the phone is, what is done on it, when it is in use.

Finally, mobile ads tend to take up a larger percentage of screen real estate – many spreading across the entire viewing area. This means that mobile ads are more likely to be noticed than their web banner counterparts.

When you include mobile ads as part of your digital marketing plan, you boost the frequency with which potential customers view and interact with your message. As a bonus, you can include your call to action as an easy, one-click option – learn more, call now, send a message, take the quiz – right at their fingertips.

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