Jennifer’s Real Estate Agency Made More Sales by Doing This


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Jennifer’s coastal real estate agency wanted to extend their reach, focusing on people in the local market who were ready to purchase a coastal home.

The agency is in a market where average listings sell for $600k+ and range from new development homes to homes and condominiums on the water.

Jennifer was already running a display campaign including site retargeting and outreach, but she wanted an extra boost for a 6-month period. Her goal for this intensive campaign was to increase both appointments and open house attendance.

Waterdrop’s experts recommended a social and mobile in-app campaign which included the
following tactics:

• Target a pre-built “Very High Income” mobile audience, reaching those with an income of $100k-$150k.
• Reach devices seen at select local open houses by drawing precise polygons around these locations during the events.
• Using the patterns and behaviors of these open house attendees, create a similar audience and target their devices as well.
• Serve ads to select demographics based on location, age, life event stages, interests and behaviors (real estate, house hunting, home buying, home selling, coastal living, real estate websites)
• Reach users who have previously visited the agency’s website or were on their email list, as well as those who had similar behavior and interests to these users, with ads served on their Facebook news feeds.
• Optimize often to stay relevant with the target audience and advertise on the highest-performing mobile apps.

Jennifer reported …

Find out how much Jennifer was able to increase sales!

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