How Erika Increased Commercial Contracts


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Erika had been tasked with growing the commercial side of the insurance company she worked for. In order to increase B2B contracts, she wanted to promote a policy that was geared towards construction workers.

Her plan was to offer a 25% discount for the first month to new policyholders who mentioned seeing the company’s digital ads.

For this campaign, Waterdrop’s experts chose to go classic, with an emphasis on traditional display ads. This included:

• Behavioral Targeting to reach people who had expressed interest in commercial insurance, liability insurance, insurance claims or similar.

• Keyword (Contextual) Targeting to reach users on websites containing relevant content – for instance commercial insurance, general liability policies and insurance claims.

• Retargeting from the client’s website to target people who had recently visited their page.

• Network Outreach on our “B2B”, “Small Business,” and “Construction & Tradesman” networks

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