What Christine Did to Take Her Hair Salon to the Next Level


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Christine managed a local hair salon. The salon’s website had poor traffic and they had not run any previous digital campaigns. Christine came to our Waterdrop experts with four clear goals.

First, she wanted to increase their clientele and become the “go-to” salon for women in the community. In addition, the salon was focused on expanding hair and makeup services for weddings, proms, and other special events.

Christine was also interested in increasing online bookings and overall website traffic. She was especially excited by the opportunities social media and display advertising could offer the salon.

Waterdrop Digital worked with Christine to develop and implement a strategy that used a combination of display and social targeting to effectively reach a relevant audience. This included:

• Facebook and Instagram ads targeting devices seen at select competitor locations

• The same ads also served to women 25-65 with annual incomes of $40k+ and people who had liked hair salon and wedding pages on Facebook.

• Managed network outreach using the “Beauty”, “Upscale Women”, “Bridal & Wedding” networks.

• Behavioral targeting to reach users who had demonstrated an interest in hair care/hairstyles, makeup, cosmetics, bridal services, wedding, etc.

• Site retargeting to reach users who visited the salon’s site, in an effort to draw them back.

The campaign quickly produced significant results for Christine’s salon. Over the course of the wedding season…

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